Vitamin and Supplement Guide

Use this Vitamin and Supplement Guide to find information about various types of vitamin supplements. The guide is designed to give you a better understanding about specific vitamin supplements, their uses, benefits and recommended sources to purchase from. The guide is updated regularly so be sure to check back often for new information. For more information take a look at other sections of the site dedicated to vitamin supplements News, Articles and Reviews.

Personalize how you use the Vitamin and Supplement Guide by better understanding what your individual needs are and learning about specific supplements to help meet those needs. Make a plan that includes healthy food, exercise and the right vitamin supplements.

The Internet and online vitamin supplement providers make it easier to find good quality vitamins at reasonable prices. This Vitamin and Supplement Guide will point out some Vitamin Supplement Stores that we’ve heard and seen good things from. Of course, do your own homework to make sure that the health supplements you decide on are good quality and right for you.

The world of vitamin supplements is a big place with a lot to learn. We’ll do our best to break it up into bite size pieces to help you better understand and determine what may be right for you.

Below you will find snippets of information related to specific types of vitamin supplements. Each of these will be linked to a section of the website specifically dedicated to that vitamin supplement. (If you don’t find the information you’re looking for then please let us know and we’ll do our best to add the information you’re looking for in future guide updates.)

Vitamin and Supplement Guide

Vitamin Mineral Supplement: Minerals are used by our bodies for a variety of important reasons. Some minerals help build strong bones and others help transport oxygen through the blood stream throughout our bodies. Minerals help our nervous system function properly and help maintain a normal heartbeat. Good vitamin mineral health is important to optimal nutrition.
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Energy Vitamin Supplement: Sometimes feel like your energy level is dragging? There are a variety of vitamin supplements designed to help boost your energy level in a positive way. Some of these health supplements may also help with weight loss. Without proper nutrition your energy levels will be seriously drained. You can naturally boost your energy and improve vitality with herbal energy boosters.
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Hair Supplement Vitamin: Various factors can contribute to hair loss in men and women. The chemical DHT has been sighted by research to be a big contributor to hair loss. Some health supplements have been developed to block DHT and help promote hair growth. Poor eating habits along with stress also play their part in hair loss.
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Daily Vitamin Supplements: Many health supplements are designed to be taken on a daily basis. Daily vitamin supplements are meant to help ensure we are getting the proper nutrition our bodies and minds need each and every day.
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Whole Food Vitamin Supplements: Whole food supplements can be a great source of nutrients important to our bodies and minds. They are usually more complex, containing a variety of other micronutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as essential fiber. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables? Then you should look into whole food supplements.
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Vitamin Supplement and Herbs: Herbal vitamins may have a variety of health and nutritional benefits and are made up of nutrients found in natural herbs.
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Multi Vitamin Mineral Supplement: Multivitamins are a compound of several vitamin and mineral nutrients combined. A multi vitamin can be very helpful for those with eating habit imbalances and different nutritional needs. Those of us with poor eating habits or restrictive diets can benefit from the use of a multi vitamin.
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Arthritis Vitamin Supplement: The frustration and pain of arthritis is a reality for millions and millions of people. Arthritis is an acute, sometimes chronic inflammation of a joint. A variety of vitamin supplements may help bring natural pain relief and increased joint health to Arthritis sufferers.
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Antioxidant Supplement Vitamin: Quality antioxidant immune boosting supplements help our bodies maintain optimal health and combat illness. Antioxidants are enzymes or other organic substances, such as vitamin E or beta carotene, capable of counteracting the damaging effects of oxidation in the human body and bring us into greater balance.
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Anti Aging Vitamin Supplement: Various health supplements may help slow the aging process and keep you healthy, looking young and happy. Just because we get older doesn’t mean we should look our age. Major factors in slowing the aging process are an active lifestyle and eating right. A basic multi vitamin mineral supplement is a great start. Relatively new supplements, coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid may also provide other anti aging protection with powerful antioxidants.
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Weight Loss Vitamin Supplement: An active lifestyle and eating right are major factors in weight management. Lack of exercise, emotional eating, Cortisol and other factors may add to the weight problem. A variety of health supplements may help with weight loss. A multi vitamin mineral supplement is a good start. Millions of people use other supplements like Hoodia and Garcinia Cambogia to help with appetite suppression and fat burning.
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Eye Supplement Vitamin: A variety of vitamin supplements may help support vision and eye health. It is important to learn about ways to prevent your eyesight from declining as you get older. Beta-carotene, Lutein and other supplements are natural remedies that can strengthen blood vessels in the eye and may help combat a common cause of blindness, age-related macular degeneration as well as protect and maintain proper vision function.
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Memory Vitamin Supplement: Significant improvements to memory, concentration and awareness may be found with the support of natural supplements. Our brains need healthy nutrients just as much as our bodies do to function properly.
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Digestion Aid Supplement: Our digestive system is an important part of our overall health and wellness. Our body’s ability to properly digest the nutrients we take in is paramount. Natural herbs may aid digestion through stimulating blood flow and nutrient usage.
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Promoting General Health: There are various natural vitamin supplements developed to provide many of the nutrients you need for general health and wellbeing.
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