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There is a wide array of herbal supplement vitamin options available and trying to discover what is best for you can be a daunting task. That is, unless you have the right guide to help you wade through all the stores and websites claiming that their product works miracles. Online-Vitamin-Supplements.com strives to provide the resources and guidance you need to help you find the right herbal vitamin supplements for you.

Today’s average diet leaves much to be desired. Even when the diet is balanced with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, the soil in which our food is grown has become so nutrient poor that the foods we eat today are said to contain only about 30% or less of the nutrients they did just 50 years ago. Mostly this is due to the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that rob the plants ability to soak up the right nutrients as they did before. And fields are no longer amended the way they used to be, this means that the minerals that were once replaced into the soil are no longer being supplied to our foods.

We have also replaced much of our nutrition with that of fast food and convenience foods that have been so overly processed that they contain little more than empty fats and calories. The result is a diet devoid of the wonderful benefits of the right combination of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients it once contained. This makes the use of herbal supplement vitamin in our nutrition an important consideration for us all.

It’s important to look for herbal supplement vitamin that is naturally derived; synthetically produced health supplements cannot be absorbed or used by the body as efficiently. Naturally derived, whole food, supplements are readily absorbed and put to work by the body with few to no negative side effects.

Things to look for in this area include green drinks, powdered vegetables in the ingredients list, non-GMO (genetically modified ingredients), organically grown and processed whole foods, 100% plant derived, and minimally processed. There should be little to no preservatives. One way to tell this is if the product instructs you to keep it refrigerated.

A whole food herbal supplement may also contain, ground vegetables and fruits, whole foods, naturally derived minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics. Usually more than one supplement is required to obtain all the nutrients our bodies and minds need. This is because some vitamin supplements and minerals are less effective when taken in combined form. They must be taken separately. This is either because they are only soluble in water or fat, or because they will cancel each other out when taken together.

Another way to test for good quality herbal supplement vitamin is the water or vinegar test. Unless specifically designed to be absorbed by the lower intestine or colon, a vitamin should dissolve in water in under 20 minutes. Simply place the pill in a small glass of water and set a timer. Twenty minutes later it should be fully dissolved. If it is, then your body can easily dissolve and absorbed the pill. This way your money won’t be flushed partially undigested right down the plumbing.

Remember, ignore the hype. Look for clues that the herbal vitamin supplement is really a food derived diet supplement. Health supplements cannot make up for lack of a good diet. But they can help fill in the gaps where our modern day diet is lacking. Don't be fooled by cheap market imitations. Adding the right herbal supplement vitamin to your nutrition will be a great help for your overall health and wellness.

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